Saturday, January 7, 2012


Second day of 2012. Had my hair dyed jet black. Had my first set of spending for the year. Uh oh. I can see a year full of spending ahead… Tsk, tsk…

So for the first day of 2012 (second actually) that I officially went out (all dressed up and ready to spend), here's what I wore…

Top - To - Toe - Topman (Again!)

Topman button down shirt, collared shirt, khaki chinos, shoes
Oris diver's watch
…and here's what I got!
Unscripted by Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera at Php999 less 10% by my Fully Booked Book Perks card
Spider-Man 3 DVD which came with...
…this awesome Black Spider-Man maquette at Php2,500 less 50% off from Astroplus
The Breakdown:
Unscripted book Php899
Spider-Man 3 DVD and statue at Php1,250
Total: Php2,149

So how do you find my new 'do? I hope it's alright. I can have it shaved off if you don't like you know but then I'll look dumb.

PS: There's a lot of SALE going on as of yesterday. Topman, Topshop, Zara, GAP… and the list goes on! I love sales and discounts! With my first set of acquisitions for the year, it shows naman right?

Outfit Photos by Zei


  1. happy new year PR guy!
    i think you look younger(?) w/ ur new 'do :D
    i love ur chinos!

  2. happy new year Jen! oh, wow. younger? thanks! i also love my chinos! they are comfortably light.