Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So I got my CANON Prime Lens a few months back. I was very excited to use it! So excited that I almost forgot to blog about it! Haha. Anyway, for my first Tools Of The Trade post for 2012, I present you my CANON Prime Lens and a couple of camera accessories/protective gear (hehe)…

I think I already told you that I'm not an expert when it comes to gadgets and that I just like having them right? Well I got the Prime Lens for the simple reason that I want to have that "Bokeh" background effect in my LOOK shots. Another thing, this lens is perfect for dim-lit areas! Shots come out a little brighter than what you actually see through the viewfinder.
Canon (Prime) Lens EF 50mm 11.8 II at Php4,998
Of course, being this OC person that I am, I need a cover to protect my lenses from dust, etc… that's why I got these as well.
UV Filter Clear Lens cover (58mm) at Php150 for my Kit Lens
UV Filter Clear Lens cover (52mm) at Php150 for my Prime Lens 
They also function as a UV filter and quite cheap too!

That "Bokeh" background effect that I was talking about earlier? Here's a sample...

So there! I'm thinking of getting another lens (a zoom one!) and an external flash soon… How about you? Care to share the "secrets" behind those beautiful photos of yours? I just shared mine. Hehe…

The Breakdown
Canon Prime Lens EF 50mm Php4,998
UV Filter (clear) Php150 x 2 = Php300
Total: Php5,298


  1. ahaha oh my Paul! I am just as OC as you when it comes to my camera! We are both Canon users and I am happy you are there if ever I wanna purchase some camera accessories, kumabaga may matatanungan. I actually would wanna buy new lens too pero di pa pasok sa budget. haha! I can't wait to see the next lens you will be purchasing! :)

    and about the UV filter, I didn't know that my lens doesn't have one, I guess that would be my next purchase :) thanks for this post Paul! :)

  2. I use the same lens for outfit shots too. I'm also a Canon user.

    - catch

  3. btw, any idea on the Canon 35mm 2.0 lens?

    - catch