Sunday, January 1, 2012


Before anything else, Happy New Year! I would like to thank you ALL particularly for the last quarter of 2011. Why? Because that's when I started blogging. And for that short period of time that I became a citizen of the blogosphere, things (in my life) became a little bit more exciting and interesting! I never felt this kind of excitement since I last joined a noontime TV competition some 6 years ago. I never felt this sort of hunger for knowledge and thirst for life and in helping people since I started PMP Communications more or less, 4 years ago. And finally, I can't contain this overwhelming gratitude that I have to God our father for all the blessings, supportive family, loving (and cool!) friends, brands and products who cares (and took notice of me in spite of being a newbie in the blogging industry), and for that good sense of idea on what to wear on a daily basis, the list goes on and on… for everything else, THANK YOU! You're the best father/friend/guardian/confidant a speck of dust of a guy could ever have. I love you God!

And on this first day of 2012, I want you to be excited on what God has in store for all of us. I tell you, I feel giddy just by typing this post! So what to expect from The PR Guy this 2012? Tons! I know, I can feel it! Haha! But of course if you remember my first (ever) POST, I got several things that I overlooked (and I'm sorry) and this 2012, I'm gonna make up for all those lost opportunities and commitments. That would be my resolution.
Why so glum? Be excited! It's 2012!
So here's to more sensible (?) spending, events, exciting contests and prizes, collaborations, looks!!! (haha) and to more time spent over coffee with you - my readers.

PS: Don't forget to check out all my links ok?
The PR Guy Eats - that I'll be updating at least once or twice a week
The SuPR Guy - yet to post 1 anything Superman item everyday. This will also serve as a guide on what NOT to give me on my birthday and (next) Christmas. Hehe

God bless us all this 2012!!!


  1. Happy New Year, Paul. :) Thank you for being a great part of my 2011. :) You have been really awesome and I'm glad I met you and we're now friends! Cheers to another year and I wish you more blessings!

  2. Happy New Year Ava! Stay sweet and nice ok? I hope to see more of you in this year's events...

  3. Happy New year Paul! It was really nice meeting you! And I hope I can join you in the future events this 2012! And thanks for introducing me and the boyf to the wonderful world of the 50mm lens haha! :) I am looking forward to see more of your posts! :)