Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hey guys! Sorry, I'm a day delayed in announcing the winners of my Battle Of The Covers (January 2012) Contest. Been very busy. I hope you understand.:)

I would like to thank you all for your overwhelming response that is why I decided that from now on, this contest is gonna be a regular (monthly) thing here on my blog. Of course you have to abide with the rules in order for you and your entry to be qualified! And speaking of rules… I have to disqualify some entries for lacking some important details (read: email address). I have to do this guys for me and my blog's credibility but don't worry, there will be a lot of contests and giveaways coming your way (my birthday is next month you know). The important thing is: NOW YOU KNOW.

Alright! Let's cut down to the chase… The cover with the most number of likes and comments (as valid entries) is by PREVIEW with Charice Pempengco on it! Here are the entries:
1. Gemnikka Alcantara
2. Catherine Dacio
3. Arra Morta
4. Jenny C. Diano
5. Apple Polido
6. Lorelyn Berza
7. Kelly Medina
8. Anna Lissa (thru blog)
9. Senorito Emon
10. Sandara Mendez
11. Khaye Masutani
12. Anna Lissa
13. Lani Pavia
14. Linda Ordaniel
15. Victoria Laranang

And the winner of the 6 month subscription of Preview magazine (starting this March) plus a surprise gift from me is…
…Sandara Mendez! And here's her opinion on Preview's cover girl,

Now for our runner up (from the second cover with the most number of likes and comments) is under Mega with Jinkee Pacquiao on the cover! Here are the (valid) entries:
1. Thea Castillo
2. Julianne Yuki
3. Yen Angustia
4. Crystal Cruz
5. Ruby Salazar Papio
6. Hazel A. Salcedo (thru blog)
7. Hazel A. Salcedo
8. Nelvin Ocop
9. Rose Samson
10. Atiseole Valderama
11. Josie Dee

And the winner of the 6 month subscription of Mega magazine (starting this March) is…
…Rose Samson! Here's what she has to say about Mrs.Pacquiao…

Congratulations girls! Please wait for my email alright? To everyone else who joined, thank you! Stay tuned for more exciting contests and giveaways!

By the way, I still have the Mosbeau Contest going on until tomorrow! Try your luck! I'm giving away 10 Mosbeau products!

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  1. Received the email Mr. Paul <3

    HOORAY! Thank you so much and ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)