Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Lucy Hale, the star of the hit TV series - Pretty Little Liars, was officially launched as Bench's latest endorser at the SMX Convention Center last February 11, 2012. This is in line with the series of events which Bench has in store for all of us in celebration of the brand's 25 ageless years in the industry.

It wouldn't be a Bench show without a fashion show! The Bench Americana collection was presented on stage by the hippest and hottest models of our time.
Pauline Prieto is among the models who led the pack at the Bench Americana fashion show. To see the rest of the Fashion show, click HERE
And now, a quick presentation and a behind the scenes peek at Lucy Hale's photo shoot...

And finally, the grand entrance! Everyone, meet Lucy Hale!

Lucy was presented again on stage wearing a different top. This time, to answer questions from picked bloggers and magazine personalities.
with Mr. Bench Chan himself

I swear she got teary eyed (or was it just my imagination?) because of the overwhelming response she got from her Pinoy fans. Scream fest I tell you.

"Hi Paul!", she said. Yes, we are close… not!

Now who went to the event aside from Lucy Hale's legion of Pinoy followers? Here we they are!
with Gretchen Fullido
Pax, Gretchen and Reg
pretty Verniece Enciso

this time with pretty sister Vern!
yun oh! models lang. Pax, Arnie, Ava, Verniece, Reg and Vern
one more time!
Spotted (of course! you can't miss it!) Lucy Hale's giant billboard for Bench along EDSA on my way home!

This latest collaboration of Pinoy retail giant, Bench, with another international celebrity is a declaration that they are not just gonna stop in conquering the Philippine shores but also the whole world as well! And at the rate that they're going (READ: David Archuleta), I guess rest is not an option.

Congratulations and Happy 25 Ageless Years Bench!

Thanks Pax! Thanks Lawrence!

Upcoming: David Archuleta for Bench


  1. Love the photos, Paul! :) Up close talaga for the Lucy Hale shots! Galing mo forever! ♥ Hahaha natawa ako sa caption sa group shot. Namiss ko kayo! :)


  2. andito pala si crush hehehehe..
    ang ganda niya....