Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hey guys! I'm off to Clark now to do a hotel review (naks!). In the meantime, enjoy what little photos I have of the Karaoke Night I went to last week with Globe Tattoo at Redbox, Greenbelt.

 We also got a surprise visit from THE Mikey Bustos!
with Mikey Bustos. Man! My face looks damn big compared to his
Mikey Bustos with the Globe Tattoo team
And that's it! Of course, I got to sing a couple of songs (Push and Remedy) plus a duet with Ava (Lucky)! I just had a thought. Is "Knows How To Sing" part of the qualification of a Globe Tattoo team member? Cause you all sing well guys! Great job! 

Thank you Megann! Thank you Coy and the rest of the Globe Tattoo team!

I'm leaving you with this video I took of Mikey Bustos singing… Hello!
PS: There was a lot of events (I mean A LOT) that I was invited to last week but I chose to go to Globe Tattoo's because it's intimate and there's people that I can talk to/who will talk to me back. That and the fact that I badly needed to let my exhaustion of working non-stop all out by singing to the hits of Matchbox20 and Jason Mraz. Haha!

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  1. looks like a fun night! :) eepp! Mikey bustos! i'm a fan HAHA