Friday, February 24, 2012


Thank you PMP Creatives Team!
Every blogger deserves a birthday post. Here's mine.

Woke up today feeling a lot less ordinary. I wasn't expecting much for my birthday because it fell on a weekday (and a busy day at that!). As I expected, it turned out pretty much the same as last year's. Was working then, still working now. The difference was… last year I got to celebrate it with the rest of the PMP team. Today? Work!

Anyway, what made this day special was the tons of birthday greetings and well wishes that I got from family and friends (both on and offline). All thanks to social media! I realized that most of you who greeted, I know personally. It goes to show that I have indeed a lot of friends who really do care! Thank you very much guys and I promise to reply to each and every greeting you tweeted and posted on my Facebook wall. Give me time please?

By the way, I'm 28. Yeah, yeah I don't look like one but who are we kidding right? I still feel old anyway (kung alam nyo lang).

Again, thank you!

PS: I want to be Superman. I want to do everything all at once. My kryptonite? Time.


  1. (Belated) happy happy birthday again, Paul!! :) Hahahaha suuuper aliw with the Superman photo! Pwedeng pwedeng sub! :)


  2. belated happy birthday po! :)

  3. and so i thought your kryptonite is "shoes"!? HAHA! anyway.. super belated happy birthday! carpe diem!