Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Melai is one of those few fashion bloggers I know who I also admire for being such a crazy workaholic! I first met her at the first Bloggers United Bazaar where aside from being 1/3 of the organizer, she also multi - tasked as the event's host! If that's not enough for you to admire her, wait until you read the rest of her story (as far as I know) below…
taken at SM MOA (after the Katy Perry meet and greet)
Melai is the author behind the Style and Soul blog where she shares her passion for fashion, budget shopping finds, styling tips etc, etc… But of course, she occasionally writes about her personal views on politics, lifestyle, society and matters of her soul (not necessarily about heart) for that added "substance" which people might actually need after a long day of reading through fashion stuff and what-nots. Melai also runs an online shop - F-Stop, has a behind-the-scenes career in film and in hosting, and a going stronger love life! She even mentioned to me once that she's considering to include dancing back in her routine! As if she has not much going on.

One more thing that I really like about Melai is that even though things tend to get overwhelming due to the nature of everything that she does, I never felt the exhaustion every time we see each other. She's all smiles (always!), happy and like the energizer bunny. I guess if you really love what you do (or do x 7 in Melai's case), it will show. She's also talkative by the way but same as her blog, there's substance in the words that comes out of this young and talented fashionista.

Melai Entuna of Style and Soul
Instaxed! As Inspired by RJ Roque

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