If there is one blogger who deserves a Valentines Day feature here on my blog, that would be Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter. I'll tell you why on the latter part of this post...
taken at the Katy Perry Meet & Greet in SM MoA
Ana lives down south. Now you must be wondering how she gets from point A (home) to point B (events and to everything else that's happening in the metro) without the hassle of commuting right? Here's a fact: Commuting is always a hassle. So is driving a car all the way from the south! (Spell: G A S expenses). Now how does Ana manages it? In style of course! That's why she's the Fashionista Commuter nga di ba?

Now going back on why Ana deserves a Valentines Day feature here on my blog… let me count the love/ways…
1. She's lovable!
2. In spite of her being shy, hers is the kind that is not annoying. She's simply shy and genuinely so (I can attest to that!)
3. She's 1/3 of the Bloggers United team! You know how I love the BU girls right?
4. I like how she writes in taglish format without sounding like she's trying hard climbing the social ladder (in other words, pasosyal). Everything you read and see on her blog is the real her. No pretensions, no crap.
5. With a whole lot of other (positive) things I have in mind about Ana, I think the most ultimate reason why I'm writing about her this hearts' day is because of how she manages to always get out and up her "haters" dilemma unscathed and alive!

Let me tell you a short story…
As I was browsing through my Twitter feed yesterday, I saw a feature on one of my blogger friends namely Bestie. Candy (the magazine) was doing a "detachable collar" feature and she was among the bloggers who was spotted sporting the trend. An item from the Anagon Collection was also featured as well that's why I tweeted Ana about it asking her if she has seen it already. Since she was out and only has mobile access to Twitter only, she was not able to see what's in the link and here's our Twitter conversation:
Ana - ano to? :D currently naka mobile kinabahan naman ako :p
Me - haha. Wag ka kabahan. Feature ng anagon necklace/collar mo.:)
Ana - hahahaha whew akala ko mga "lovers" ko uli lol thanks paul!! :))
Me - Ang dami nmn nun. Lovers?
Ana - hahahaha kabaliktaran ;p yoko lang iattract haterz lol ;p

I'm baffled. How can such a sweet and nice girl such as Ana have "haters"? That's why this Valentines day, I'm dedicating my post to you. Always remember that for every haters, there's hundreds who loves you. And I'm one of them! Alright?

Don't forget to check out Ana's blog - The Fashionista Commuter and her online store - Anagon Collection.

Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter
Instaxed! As Inspired by RJ Roque


  1. Very well said, I met her once (I was even her one-day little sister for that event) but I can definitely say that everything stated above is true <3 She is one genuine person that's pretty hard to find these days :)

  2. Awww Paul this is such a sweet post!! :"> Ana truly deserves this, she's forever lovable and genuine. We love her for sure! ♥ Oh emmm Pauuul if ever you're done with "our" instax, please let me know. I'd be in high heavens for sure! *_* See you around!


  3. Nateary eyed naman ako dito :,) Thank you Paul!!! :) Best birthday gift before, and then now best Vday gift!!! :))) SALAMAT!!!

  4. AMEN! Go, Ana! WOOHOO!!!


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