Friday, February 24, 2012


Pax with her signature "look down sa floor" pose
Pax, Pax, Pax!

There's so many things that I can say about this wonderful person! In fact there's so much that I'm overwhelmed to the point of not knowing where to start. My mind just went blank…

Let's just start with her About Me on her blog:
Fashion Aficionado - check!
Vintage Junkie - check!
Dreamer - when what you dreamt of do come true, are you still a dreamer? Anyway, check!
Pragmatist - practical and realistic, check!
Ruler of my earth - bowing to the God of my universe - now, that just got weirder. I just pictured out Pax wearing a sheer white dress with daisies braided on her hair, dancing and waving… *snap out of it PR Guy!*

I'll just make this as short (and sweet!) as possible. I LOVE Pax! Who doesn't right? If I can only have few friends, I want Pax to be one of them. Who wants to have a lot when all you need to make you laugh, cry (because of laughing), be inspired, be awed, be blinded (with her blings and colorful wardrobe), and laugh (some more) is in this multi-hypenated woman?

Do check out her blog and shop!

Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums
Instaxed! As Inspired By RJ Roque

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