Friday, February 3, 2012

INSTAXED! #9 & #10 - AVA TE

I got to Instax Ava of Artsy Fartsy Ava two times (!) on the day I met Katy Perry and Mr.Perou. Why two you ask? Because she's nice and pretty. Simply put. And oh, she had two outfit changes that day!

Presenting, Ava in her daytime look…
taken at SM MOA after the Katy Perry meet and greet

…and Ava in her nighttime look.
taken at Robot (Makati) during Status Magazine's after party for the Perouvian Wasteland exhibit with Mr.Perou
I first met Ava (as a guest) in an event which my company organized back in 2010… then, to several more in the years that followed. And everytime we bump into each other, she's always in this positive "light" mood which is consistent from the day I first met her to the last event (which is Perry/Perou) we went to.

Ava is one of those few (blogger) people I know who I find genuinely nice - both inside and out. She's sugary, sweet, and sunshine all rolled into one slim (model-esque) frame! She's 22, studying (still, right?) and has the most adorable/hyper baby boy kid in the world. She's also a frustrated artist. Well, that's according to her "About Me" but I disagree. Passion transcends whatever standards an artist needs to have in order for her to be qualified as one… And she has that (Passion) in overflowing cupcake pieces!

Ava Te of Artsy Fartsy Ava
Instaxed! As Inspired by RJ Roque

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