Wednesday, February 8, 2012


That would be my campaign (if I was his campaign manager) for Superman if ever he runs for President. I'm sure that by this time, you already know that I'm a BIG fan of Superman (right?). I'm not saying this because it's my birthday this month alright? You can give whatever you want without the pressure of getting me something with a red cape. Hehe… So back to serious blogging!

I'm just gonna share some things I acquired over the past weekend when I went to one of my favorite mall, SM North. I'm sure the title is a dead giveaway on what I got but still, allow me to share the specifics…
Havaianas Superman flip flops (Heroes line) at Php1,195
Superman bobble head at Php595 and Action Comics (New 52) at Php200 each. The other two were my subscription which I paid for already.
Greater Good x Jaime Zobel tank top at Php800
It was my first time to visit Greater Good at Sm North Annex and also my first time to buy something from them. I like what I got and did you know that a big portion of the money I spent on this particular top will go to Haribon Foundation's Road to 2020? Now how cool is that? It's like helping and giving back in style! More about my visit on my UP's.*

The Breakdown:
Havaianas flip flops Php1,195
Superman bobble head Php595
Action Comics (2) Php400
Greater Good x Jaime Zobel top Php800
Total: Php2,990

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