Monday, March 26, 2012


More than just a fresh batch of Chuck Taylors to keep you stylish and fashionable this summer, Converse Philippines is launching the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sandstar!
(L - R)
520412 CT AS Sandstar/Black, Beetroot Purple/Size: 3 − 6 Teens/Php1,090
820512 CT AS Sandstar/Charcoal, White/Size: 3 − 6, 7 − 12 Unisex/Php1,090
820612 CT AS Sandstar/Chocolate, Athletic Navy, Black, White/Size: 3 − 6, 7 − 12 Unisex/Php1,090
Just as the name implies, Converse Philippines is your new summer store as it provides you cool flip flops this summer! From basic colors, to printed hearts, star and stripes, there's a Chuck Taylor All Star Sandstar with your name on it!
520412 CT AS Sandstar/Iris Orchid, Varsity Red, Aruba Blue, Barely Pink, C Pink/Size: 3 − 6 Teens/Php1,090
(L - R)
820712 CT AS Sandstar/Black,Egret/Size: 3 − 6, 7 − 12 Unisex/Php1,230
520512 CT AS Sandstar/Aruba Blue, Pale Banana, Athletic Navy/Size: 3 − 6 Teens/Php1,230
820712 CT AS Sandstar/Athletic Navy, Egret/Size: 3 − 6, 7 − 12 Unisex/Php1,230
520512 CT AS Sandstar/Phaeton Grey, Barely Pink, Purple Impression/Size: 3 − 6 Teens/Php1,230
(L - R)
520512 CT AS Sandstar/Athletic Navy & Strawberry, Pink & White, Black & White, Athletic Navy & Varsity Red & Egret, Athletic Navy, White & Deep Sea Coral & Purple Impression, Black & Barely Pink & Aruba Blue/Size: 3 − 6 Teens/Php1,230
Available in a wide variety of colorways, the Chuck Taylor All Star Sandstar makes creative summer dressing even better! From the classic tones of black, white, athletic navy, chocolate, charcoal and varsity red, to the vibrant hues of Chuck pink, aruba blue, barely pink and iris orchid, that's a whole line of flip flops Converse Philippines has in store for you, whether you're planning a beach trip or staying in the city.

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  1. omigosh! i want the one with the stars or the polka dotted ones! i love converse forever! <3