The other week, the family went to Clark Pampanga to spend the weekend at Hotel Stotsenberg. Actually, I was there to do a "review." Now, now before you say anything, I'm not trying to be the next Cecille Van Straten here but I must admit that I got the inspiration (and courage) to do this by reading through her blog particularly those of her no holds barred review (or non-review) of hotels and her obsession search for that "perfect" comfort room.

We checked in on a Saturday. The sun was high and mighty during that day but it was bearable compared to the intense heat Manila is experiencing lately.

Can you guess the first thing I did when we arrived? Yes, I whipped out my camera and went blogger mode. Enjoy the photo tour!
Hotel Stotsenberg facade
Now let me show you my most favorite part of the hotel… I know, I know it's too early to show you this...

This area is located right in the middle of everything! I swear I could spend a whole day in this part of Hotel Stotsenberg with just cold water and a book at hand.
looks familiar?

And now for the room. We got the Superior Suite valued at Php7,000 per night.

This is the smallest room the hotel has but at 23 square meter, I must say that it's not that bad.

The room has a walk-in closet...

…and a very decent looking and clean bathroom! Not Chuvaness standard though but pretty decent enough for me. Well, I'm a guy you know. I don't need to live in a bathroom.

Hotel Stotsenberg has amenities like the S Bar where you can sing your heart out with their music and entertainment facilities.

The hotel's fitness center, Tream, offers complete gym amenities and up-to-date equipments where you can do your work-out while enjoying the view of the pool side.

The Bleu Bar is located beside the swimming pool where you can enjoy snacks and cocktails in a relaxing informal ambience with your family. You can also play billiards, table tennis, darts and other board games available at the sports bar.

And this is where we had our delicious breakfast the following day...

I had two (or three?) cups of coffee and yes, this is my plate (or plates rather).

Now located at the right wing portion of Hotel Stotsenberg is this gorgeous swimming pool area where aside from swimming, you can also hold your parties and even weddings! Everything here is picture perfect! It's just sad that I didn't get to swim in it.

The hotel also has a convention center, spa, and a casino (Casablanca) among many other things! They also have a spacious outdoor venue perfect for team buildings and the like!

Now for the verdict:
I'm not really that picky when it comes to hotels or places that I sleep in. What's important for me are these necessities which makes a hotel a good one for me. At least for my standards. Here's the list:
1. Accommodating staffs
2. Clean and functional bathroom
3. Cable TV!!!
4. Strong internet/wifi connection
5. Good breakfast

All these were fortunately met by Hotel Stotsenberg's standards.

Now for the room pricing:
Php7,000 a night (smallest room) is kinda steep considering that you can get a decent or better hotel here in Manila at more or less half the price. But if we're to think of the competition Manila hotels has, Hotel Stotsenberg's rates are reasonable given that Clark does not have an overwhelming number of hotel establishments. And oh, if you'll get lucky at the Casablanca Casino, I don't think that money will be an issue. Plus points for me was the silence of the place (not the eerie kind) which Manila only experiences during the deadest hours of the night.

I'll definitely be going back and hopefully this time, I'll get to sleep at the Presidential Suite (or take a peek at least).

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