Saturday, March 3, 2012


It's time for another Instax post! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting… the Very Endearing,
Verniece Enciso!

Now Verniece, before anything else, let me just ask you and Vern this: Do you have ants camping in and around your house? Because you guys are the sweetest! Hehe.

But seriously, it's not hard to spot a sweet person when you see the Enciso sisters. I already blogged about Vern and same as her, I don't have much to say about Verniece other than the fact that if ever I'll have daughters (in the near future), I wanted them to be exactly just like these sisters! Or if ever I got the chance to have them as my sisters ('cause I don't have one. We're all three boys much to the dismay of my mom), I'll spoil them to death! Seriously! These siblings are the perfect role models for the young girls today. One more thing, I always look forward to going to events where they are also invited because they never fail to light up the room with their presence and their gentle and sweet nature.

Now Verniece has a Tumblr account. It's Visit it for outfit inspirations, facts about her and some tips (which she dishes out on her "questions, answered" posts, and also to get your daily fix of sugar cravings!

Verniece for me is just like a macaron! Sweet, delicate and very nice to look at. And oh, have you seen her wardrobe color preference? If that's not enough for me to convince you that she's a living macaron, I don't know what will.

Verniece Enciso
Instaxed! As Inspired by RJ Roque

PS: My next posts is about Bizu. Perfect follow up post after this one right?

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