Friday, March 9, 2012


Just like the title of this post and the concept of the brand itself (no-brand brand), I'm gonna make this post as simple as possible.

One day...
I went to Bonifacio High Street.
I saw Muji!
I went in.
I tried on some clothes.
I fell in love with them.
I went to the cashier.
I saw noodles! And…
I saw marshmallows.
I bought some.
And I went home happy…

Here's what I bought…
Oxford linen white at Php1,150
Oxford pink button down at Php1,450
Tom Yam Kung rice noodles at Php65, Ckicken Soup rice noodles at Php76 (on sale)
Marshmallows (filled) at Php236 - this is very addicting!!! (also on sale)
Now I'm very partial to accessories (or any small stuffs) that comes in red. I even put "anything red that I can put on top of my table" on my Christmas wish list last year! That's why I'm showing you this...
I wasn't able to buy this though. I was expecting that someone or some staffs will give this to me for my birthday last month. I'm still waiting…

Now why do I love Muji?
The pricing is not as preposterous as I think it is.
I like the store's concept - clean, casual yet classy.
It's a Japanese brand! (Aside from red, I'm also partial to Japanese)
So there. I love Muji. Simply put.

The Breakdown:
Oxford white Php1,150
Oxford pink Php1,450
Tom Yam Kung Php65
Chicken soup Php76
Marshmallows Php236
Total: Php2,977

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