Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Now this took place a few weeks back. I know, I know, major backlog but still allow me to share what happened during the awarding/dinner date with my Be My Bebe contest winner at the Midas Hotel.
I was juggling two events that day but I was lucky enough to take a couple of stills of the luxury which is Midas Hotel. See the bags below? Can you say Hermes much?

If you were at the hotel that day, this would greet you at the second floor where Midas Cafe is located.

Presenting… the Bebe Gold line!

And now, the winner of my Be My Bebe contest! Everyone meet Yani Metrado...

with Brian O'Hara of Prestige Brands Philippines

with Mr. Erwin Dona, Brand Director of Midas Hotel and Casino
And this is where the dinner/feast took place -at the Midas Cafe! Sorry, this is the only photo that I was able to take. This is my favorite part of the cafe, the dessert bar!

Now you must be wondering what we've talked about other than eating (and eating and eating) right? Well, it's between me and Yani (and her cousin who I also requested to join us for fear of awkward moments hehe). I must say that aside from the food (which I enjoyed greatly!) I also enjoyed talking to Yani about (both) the little and big things in life, career, and of course, blogging! Speaking of, Yani is also a blogger. A newbie just like me. Do visit her BLOG where she talks about her daily conquest for food, travels and everything else in between. Again, congratulations Yani for winning my Be My Bebe contest and I hope to see more of you soon!

Thank you very much to the ever generous people of Prestige Brands Philippines! Ms. Es, Ms.Ella, Brian, Marla and Cesca, you guys are the best!

Of course, a special thanks to Mr. Erwin Dona and Midas Hotel for the special treat!

For more information about Midas Hotel, visit:


  1. wow lucky girl!! :) congrats to her :)

  2. Thanks Hazel! :) I was waiting for Paul to blog about this haha. I'm going to blog about this later (*inspired*)

  3. ...inggit ako. :(