Monday, March 5, 2012


One of the most well attended event that I went to so far was the SM Accessories launch at Dusit Thani Hotel. And by well attended, I meant it rained people from all walks of media - both traditional and online. Spotted were Grace Lee (no wonder there was a LOT of TV crews there!) among other celebrities like the Kramer couple (Doug and Cheska). The event was hosted by Cesca Litton and what made the event more star studded were the familiar and beautiful faces of bloggers who also went there. Here's some photos of the launch which I and Bestie took:

Bloggers at work

Valerie and Marj
pretty ladies Vern, Bestie and Verniece
We were given SM Accessories gift cards worth Php1,000 to spend and here's what I got:
SM Accessories: white, black and plaid bow ties, navy blue slim neck tie and weaved belt
Congratulations SM Accessories for pulling off a successful event! Looking forward to the next one! For the latest updates, Like SM Accessories on Facebook HERE.

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