Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hey everyone! It's time to announce the winner for my "Be My Bebe" contest! But before I proceed, here's the list of the valid entries for your reference.
1. Lala Valderama
2. Crystal Cruz
3. Anna Lissa
4. Arls Cagadas
5. Catherine Dacio
6. Anne Ville Purificacion
7. Lorelyn Berza
8. Margaret Chan
9. Kaye Lao
10. Lani Pavia
11. Gigi Celemin - Beleno
12. Rose Samson
13. Yani Metrado
14. Lailani Cayanan
15. Rosalie Mosuela
16. Crystaline Galang Paranal
17. Nicole Torres
18. Zyra Anne
19. Kaiye Pallarco
*Please note that this is not solely a Facebook liking contest. Please check mechanics HERE.

Now, in my mechanics, it was stated clearly that I'll be picking up three (3) numbers via and the entry with the most number of likes (out of the three) is automatically the winner. Here are the numbers:

And the entry (out of the three) with the most number of LIKES is...

Yani Metrado! Congratulations! You won a 100ml bottle of Bebe perfume and a dinner (with me and another special entry) at the Midas Hotel and Casino! Please wait for my email for details.

I would also like to invite Catherine Dacio to join me and the winner over dinner at the Midas Cafe for getting an outstanding 305 LIKES for her entry. Expect my email soon!

PS: Stay tuned for the result/winners of the Battle Of The Covers contest.