Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hey guys! It's March already! A new month means new set of magazine covers are up for another exciting round of Battle Of The Covers! But before that, allow me to announce the winners of my Battle Of The Covers February 2012 (Mega Edition) first!

The cover with the second most numbers of LIKES and valid entries is none other than Kim Chiu's! Here are the entries:
1. Rachel Rebolido Canales
2. Anna Lissa
3. Nicole Torres
4. mikolet21 (via blog)
5. Catherine Dacio
6. Lorelyn Berza
7. Caroline Hatol
8. Arlene Manigo
9. Rachelyn Berza
10. Gigi Celemin - Beleno
11. Yani Metrado
12. Reigh Lynn Candice Hatol
13. Bong Hatol
14. Khaye Masutani
15. Paula Conese Dela Cruz
16. Maria Cristina Tan - Encila
17. Gigi Ramos Mesina
18. Kaiye Pallarco
19. Kristina Marie Letada

And the winner of a 3 month Mega magazine issue and a set of Pinkbox accessories is...

 Gigi Celemin - Beleno!

And here are the entries from our winning cover of Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo:
1. Carmen Maravilla
2. Luz Dimaano
3. Crystal Marie Canete
4. Kristine Joy de Vera
5. Jenny C. Diano
6. Ysel Ruz Yap
7. Wilhelmina C. Balondo
8. Carol Ong
9. Lani Pavia
10. Arra Morta
11. Farrah Garcia
12. Euchelle Dela Carmen
13. cafevida (via blog)
14. Lilli Abatayo
15. Vida Antoniette Cuaresma
16. Nix Gonzales
17. Katrine Villanueva Suyat
18. Tans Santiago
19. Judith Remoblas
20. Marie Lyzette Cuenca
21. Issa Chavez
22. Katrine Lao
23. Christine Bacal Batiller
24. Rose Samson
25. Kate Barreto Mira
26. Monna Dela Cerna Briones
27. Cindy Marquez Soriano
28. Ann Osal
29. Karla Caraan
30. Laarnie Roxanne Pesquiza Sumalde
31. fionalanz (via blog)
32. melandria (via blog)
33. Jane Robles
34. Gigi Ramos Mesina
35. Ria Abella Jose
36. Katrina de Guzman
37. Alynna Pamela Marcelino

And the winner is...
...Alynna Pamela Marcelino!

Congratulations! You won a Ferretti bag and a 6 month Mega magazine subscription!

To the winners, please wait for my email. To the rest who joined, there's still a lot of contest particularly Battle Of The Covers coming your way so stay tuned.