Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Three things that I love:
1. Shoes
2. Chuck Taylors
3. Superman!
All rolled into one, you will get the Converse Superman Chuck Taylors!

Finally, I'm ready to show you (just a tiny portion of my shoe collection) my six pairs of Superman Chucks!

The first three I bought locally and the last three from the US. Shoe #4 and #5 was thru a cousin and the last pair (which completed them all! so far) was thru Kelly of The Traveling Boots.

So there! Are you also a fan of shoes? How about Superman? If yes to both, cool! Close na tayo!

1 comment:

  1. i love shoes. my shoes are 95% black and 3% blue. and my shoe racks(note the S) can attest to that. haha i dont want to sound braggy but yes, just like you, i have more than enough. its an addiction. it runs in our blood. haha superman? so so. chucks? not at all. (sorry) i just bookmarked your blog. hehe its really entertaining; well written and well thought of. kudos! and of course... its for me to know for you to find out. haha