I have big apprehensions in posting this contest you know why? Because:
a.) It's already April (and this is a March thing)
b.) I still haven't sent out most of the prizes of my previous contests to the corresponding winners (sorry, for the delay, I'm working on it)
c.) I'm friends with Angel Locsin! (and I don't want you to think that I'm a bias person)

I hope you understand that me being Mr. CEO was VERY busy the past month but don't worry, The PR Guy is back! And I've got lots of surprises to you my dear readers…

To jumpstart my series of giveaways (take note of the series), here's the Battle of the Covers for the month of March - Summer Edition.

Mega has Alice Dixson and Lucy Torres-Gomez on the cover of their "Power" issue. Beautiful women + beautiful career? Check! Yes, they're goddesses in their own rights but there's nothing powerful here. Lucy's hand placed on Alice's hip (or butt?) doesn't suggest power either but more of like… I don't know, reliance? Anyway, they both looked good but I don't find the cover THAT appealing.

For Metro's March "Fashion" issue, it's Anne Curtis (again!) and she's wearing Louis Vuitton. Can't say much about this cover because it's Anne. I like her and what you see on the cover is basically Ms.Curtis and everything she stands for. Fun, feminine and fierce. But it's just that. What I like about celebrities being on the cover of a magazine (fashion at that) is the transformation. On this cover, the only thing transforming in front of my eyes is the title. I'm reading it as ANNE. Not METRO.

And finally, here's Angel Locsin on the cover of Preview also wearing Louis Vuitton! Now, this is what I call transformation! Somebody (on Preview's FB fanpage) commented that she looks like a chicken here. Since when did chickens looked hot and high fashion at the same time? I like this cover. It's fresh and it has this calming effect on me. Plus! It's Angel Locsin!

…and I'm done talking. It's time for you to tell me which magazine has the best cover for March!

Get a chance to win this loot from SM Accessories plus a 6 months magazine subscription of the title with the most number of likes and comments!

For more details, click HERE.

Thank you SM Accessories for the prizes!


  1. My choice: Anne Curtis' cover
    Reason: Anne has bloomed from a teeny bopper, to a sexy siren, into a Fashion Icon! I love this cover because it doesn't look like any local magazine - it looks chic and international. This cover will sell not just because it has a celebrity on the cover, but because it has high fashion on the cover.

  2. My choice is none other than the cover of Preview magazine. Good job for thinking out of the box by putting a new look and rare cover that deserves to be talked about and something for us, readers to be curious of because we always want to see something new. In one glance, I would much prefer to buy Preview because the other two were so overrated. I'm not referring to the models but I'm talking about the clothes, the background and even the poses. The idea or the fact that Angel Locsin looked like a chicken is a good point for us readers to buy and browse more on what others she wore in her other photos that the magazine provided her. Who wants the same old boring looks anyway? I also notice that the cover is neat and the production team really prepared and think big for the shoot. Angel gave justice with her outfit for her simple pose and glance which was very compelling, classy hair and UNIQUE hair style and yes, the over-all outfit that matches the font colors and the background. The other two got their models plainly pony tailed and curled that made no difference at all. I believe that a good fashion critique wouldn't think Angel looks like a chicken but a real angel sent from above in a more fashionable and classy aura.


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