Saturday, April 28, 2012


Now before anything else, I am not really big or crazy on burgers. I can live without them. The only times I appreciate burgers is when I do take outs. I always thought that burgers are made for take outs you know. It's fast, convenient and you don't really think when you eat it. You just do. Now I know you were judging me upon reading the first parts of my entry because come on! Who's not crazy on burgers? Right?

I must admit that when my loves Pax invited me to the relaunch of the newly renovated BRGR Project, I was more keen on going because of the company rather than the burgers but surprise, surprise! Who says that you can't have 2 slices of heaven all at the same time? Good Company + Great Burgers. That should've been my title for this post...

This was my first time to visit BRGR Project that's why I wouldn't know the changes of the renovation (MUST READ PAX's ENTRIES) but what I saw was cool! Parang sa ibang bansa lang.
Clean lines and very modern. That would best define the place.
Now why would they place the lettuce in the loo? Hmm...
Here's some blogger action...

After taking photos of the interiors, we situated ourselves outside. We have to 'coz you know how loud bloggers get after a couple of bottles of beers? Very. But Sosyal loud. Lol.

Check out this cool menu board...
And the project began! We, the first-timers, were given THE paper. Here you can come up with your personalized burger...
…and you can even name it! For obvious reasons, I named mine...
...The PR Burger!
Presenting the "tame" ones… Pax and Sarah!

And we are ready to fight!

Presenting… The PR Burger!
It has Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, Jalapeno peppers, Pickles with Marinara sauce in a sesame seed bun. I tell you it was good!
I have a new-found respect on burgers. Ones from The BRGR Project that is. Theirs is not the fast food types where you pile this and pile that, wrap it and then smile. To top it all off, the taste is the best reason for you to keep coming back for more! I tell you, with just a little gastronomic creativity, there will always be something "new" for you and your friends to try everytime you visit the place. Just make sure that these friends are cool okay (and smart and everything loser friends are not)? Mine was… and still is.

The BRGR Project is located at 122 Maginhawa St., Teacher's Village, Quezon City. For more info, add Burg - Burger-Project on Facebook!


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