Sunday, April 8, 2012


One thing I learned every time I go out of town for a business trip is to NEVER stay in fancy hotels because I will just end up spending most of the time on meetings outside which means that it's always the bed and the breakfast table for me.

Now Montebello Villa Hotel is different compared to the other hotels there is in busy Cebu City. It's just a good short distance from practically anywhere and it being a garden hotel offers the weary traveller and businessmen alike the rest they need (and deserve!).

We got two Superior rooms (Php3,000 per room / per night w/ free buffet breakfast for two) and stayed for a good three days and two nights.

Again, not Chuvaness standard but with working water heater and flush which is enough for me. No mirror inside though.
The hotel is hispanic-inspired. Most of the details will tell you so.

The hotel has two swimming pools! One for the kids...

…and the other for the adult swimmers. This is also where Cafe Bouganvilla, where we had pretty decent breakfast for two consecutive mornings, is located.

Hmm… I wonder why they named their cafe, Bouganvilla… hehe

Montebello Villa Hotel with its four hectares landscape showcases a wide range of plant species including this tree...

…and this tree! This is just a couple. There's hundreds more! Right?

If I have to choose only two factors that would greatly affect my decision in re-checking in to a hotel, that would be:
a.) Rates (should be reasonable)
b.) Courteous Staffs (enough said!)
Ok, let's make that three.
c.) Breakfast!
This is just a quarter of my spread. Haha!
I have business trips planned out in Cebu in the coming months, and with the experience that I had at Montebello Villa Hotel, they'll be seeing more of me (or vice versa) soon!

Visit Montebello Villa Hotel HERE for rates and inquiries.

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  1. wow fantastic place!


  2. thank you all there at Montebello Villa,staff very friendly ,clean n quiet place,if in Cebu,we only stay at this Hotel which we feel very comfortable since many Years! God bless, The Bopp Family,Switzerland