Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have been a little careless with my Laptop. There were two occasions when I slept with it beside me and you know that feeling when you suddenly wake up with the noise made by something very important that fell? Well it's a mixture of a bucket of cold water poured in your insides + self-hate. Felt that 2 times! My laptop now has minor minor scratches and bumps (thank you, me) that's why when I saw this sexy leather laptop cover, I swore to myself that there will be no third time of waking up in self-hate. Never again!
Cuero, cuero! Gorgeous leather! Redundant much?
Made with real leather and made for Macbook Air, it fits my laptop snugly!

Now I won't have to worry about my laptop falling from my bed again (as if I will let that happen)!

The Breakdown:
Cuero laptop cover Php3,950
*bought at Switch, Marquee Mall

So how do you take care of your gadgets? I'm very particular when it comes to taking care of mine. But sometimes life's little accidents can't be helped.

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