Sunday, April 15, 2012


Last March 29, I attended the Get Sole Bloggers Tea-Time at Chatime Eton Centris. I can't believe that I'm blogging about it just now! Such irresponsibility. I hope the photos will make up for the late post.

Anyway, here's the Get Sole shoe line… More about this on my next post.

And here's where the awesome afternoon with my co-bloggers was spent, at the equally awesome Chatime at Eton Centris.

After the fun chit-chats over milkteas and light snacks courtesy of Chatime, the "mini" program started with an introduction from Chatime's (Eton Centris) pretty store manager, Veronica...

an impromptu hosting by DJ EJ Mariano of RX (Check out his blog, That Kid On The Radio)...

words from Get Sole's brand ambassador Kelly Medina and...

David Guison!

The event ended with a few yet meaningful words from the gorgeous Erika Ongtauco of Get Sole.

and the awarding ensued...


Now here are the fashionable people who went to the event...
Kelly (wearing Get Sole shoes!)

Miko, Catch & Jonver
and then there's me.
What I'm wore: 5cm jacket, Memo button downs, SM Accessories neck tie, Topman jeans and Converse Chuck Taylors -photo by Miko
And that's it! Get Sole is available in American Boulevard (SM) outlets and comes in brown, gray and black. For direct orders, contact 0915 5672808

PS: I have several events that I went to which I haven't blogged about yet and I'm doing my best to post it all ASAP because a non blogger friend of mine told me that it would be nice to read my posts "real time", meaning (for us bloggers) a day or two after the actual event. So from now on, I promise (no matter how hectic my schedule and professional life is) that I'll update my blog regularly. Bow.

Thank you Get Sole, Chatime, and all you fun bloggers who went to the event!

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Photos by me, David and DJ Sarah Kharla

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  1. Awesome photos, Paul!! :) 'Twas really nice to see you again there, should've made chika more so I won't seem shy. SOON, HAHA! :p See youuu okay! :)