Saturday, April 7, 2012

GQ I C U - APRIL 2012

It's the first ever style bible issue of GQ this month and they have three men of style on three different covers!

First up is hip-hop sensation Drake in business suit. Business meaning the club!

Next one is Hollywood's freshest rookie, Dave Franco (yes, the brother of THE James Franco) breathing  life to the brown suit.

And finally, the cover I prefer (and bought!). Mad Men's John Slattery - the handsomest damn white-haired man on TV, injecting energy to plain ol' classic gray suits.

And here's his spread...

And the look that I'm gonna copy do.

This is gonna be easy because I think I already have most of the pieces that you see on John here. I'll C U when U C me alright?

PS: If you'll notice, I skipped two months (February and March) of doing the GQ I C U challenge because I was busy (seriously) and I think that the other two issues' looks are quite erm… unchallenging.

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