Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'M B.A.D.

And we all should be, too! Yes we should start Backing Asian Designers!, the world's first luxury retail website dedicated entirely to showcase top fashion names in Asia, recently launched the B.A.D. campaign.

The B.A.D. or Backing Asian Designers campaign is aimed to bring new awareness to the growing list of premium designers in Asia and the site's unique proposition of being the world's only retail site dedicated to top names in Asian fashion.

The B.A.D. campaign kicks off with a series of exclusive interviews with 10 industry insiders who are part of the Asian fashion industry support system - from a celebrated photographer duo, to one of Asia's most respected fashion directors, to the founder of one of Asia's most successful sites. Fashion insider interviews will be uploaded twice weekly at's BLOG. In addition, a picture collation entitled I'm B.A.D. will be uploaded at's Facebook PAGE where real people will be shown wearing a piece or two (or more!) items of clothing and/or accessories from their favorite Asian designers! One outfit will be uploaded and highlighted on a daily basis.

In conjunction to this, Shopthemag will run their first time ever $1000 wardrobe giveaway with top Australian blog,, aimed at giving online shoppers the chance to back Asian designers by literally putting the clothes and accessories on their hands and in their closets.

For more enquiries about's B.A.D. campaign, write to

Now showcases designs from Japan, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and none from the Philippines so far. That's why I'm taking this opportunity to extend a shout out to these Filipino designers who are creating such an impact on both the local and international fashion scenes...
And this is just a handful! There's a lot of very talented fashion designers than there is fashionable people here in the Philippines you know.
About the company is the world's first luxury retail website dedicated entirely to showcasing top fashion names in Asia. It features colections from an illustrious list of Asian designers, ranging from the established (Manish Arora, alldressedup and KhoonHooi) to the-up-and-coming (The Only Son, Koonhor, Akira Naka). For more on the company, email or call 65-6635-1561.

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