Friday, April 6, 2012


Now before anything else, let me just tell you that my Instaxed! posts here on my blog is a personal thing of some sort for me. If you were able to check my previous Instaxed! entries, you will notice that there's always a "story" behind it. In fact, as you're reading this, I have more or less ten Instaxed! set ready to be published! But what's keeping me from sharing it to you guys, aside from the blog post intervals that I've set, is the lack of story behind it. Now this particular Instaxed! entry is a different case because you seldom come across a busy, multihyphenated top blogger to (willingly) pose for a tedious Instax shot anytime of the day.

Everyone, I present you… Patricia Prieto!

The things that come in my mind everytime I hear the name Prieto are top model (Pauline), Philippine Daily Inquirer, rainbow (Tessa), and the list goes on. Their common denominator? High society and relation. Now I first came across Patricia during the first Bloggers United, the second time being Bloggers United 2. I was even lucky enough to take a couple of her photos as seen HERE and HERE. Patricia or "Patrish" as  most of her close friends (which I'm not!) calls her is someone who (I think) doesn't need to work in order to make a living BUT is willing to make a difference. She has broken the stereotypical mold of a spoiled rich kid by doing a lot of things more so by being a stylist (which I've observed is not as a glamorous of a job by the way)!

Patricia Prieto, aside from being a top style blogger, is also a model, fashion design and marketing student at SoFA, and a fashion designer (have you seen her PDP work?). To top everything off, she's just 21! Such accomplishments at such a young age.

Do visit her blog for more style inspirations and colorful hair stories at

Patricia Prieto of Paradigma - Glam/Rock/Chic Personified
Instaxed! As Inspired by RJ Roque

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