Friday, April 20, 2012


Alright, alright I'm taking that back. But didn't you know there's a lot of ways on how to be (and feel) cool in our country? Here's a couple…

The White Hat Cup Challenge with Andi and Jessica

The White Hat - Italian Frozen Yogurt, officially welcomes Ms. Andi Manzano and Ms.Jessica Mendoza as its official brand ambassadors. To kick off the event, The White Hat is launching the TWH Cup Challenge with this question - "How many yogurt cups can you carry?".
Watch this!

Everyone is invited to participate and challenge Andi & Jessica by visiting any TWH store, make a video of themselves carrying as many cups as they can within 30 seconds and emailing the video directly to Andi & Jessica thru -

The winner/s will be announced on June 30, 2012 and will get an eat-all-you-can yogurt party including five of his friends with Andi & Jessica.

Add The White Hat on Facebook HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE.

My Summer Staycation with Moonleaf

It's that time of the year again when the sun looks down on us with its ever-blazing glory - Summer is undeniably here.

In this sweltering heat, when one can think of the beach, or the mountains, or perhaps anywhere cooler than the scorching 35 degree-weather; we invite you to Moonleaf Tea Shop to join us for a summer staycation as we take on this heat with the coolest milk tea in town.

Meet your friends and ctach up. Enjoy your favorite book by yourself. Bring your Monopoly card deck and play for hours. The heat will not matter anymore because there are plenty of things to do. And we want you to do it with us! We promise you that this staycation will be unforgettable! We are inviting everyone to a Summer Xie Xie day, happening some time this May. Join us as we celebrate summer over barbeque, music, and what else, our favorite tea drinks!

So if you are in staycation like we all are, make a run to the nearest Moonleaf branch, and we'll be right here waiting for you!

Follow Moonleaf on Facebook and Twitter! you can also check them out HERE and HERE.

Now how's that for a cool summer?

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