Saturday, April 28, 2012


Summer is not complete without a rocking pair of kicks to get you through the season! Converse Philippines is giving you more reason to enjoy the summer season, whether you're planning a trip to the beach, out of town or country, or just simply having a relaxing staycation with the latest Converse Chuck It collection!
194412 ChuckIt Sail BX Slip/Black, White, Athletic Navy w/ Varsity Red/Size 7 − 11 Mens/Php2,950
Lightweight in both sole and uppers, the converse Chuck It are simply the perfect complement for frolicking at the beach as they can get wet and still maintain their coolness factor. City life during the season can get pretty dreary with the heat, but with a comfortable pair of shoes that allows your feet to breathe, mall-hopping is much more enjoyable.
164912 ChuckIt Lady CVO BX Slip/Athletic Navy, Black, Varsity Red/Size 5 − 8 Teens, Ladies/Php2,630
New silhouettes for the season, the Converse Chuck It keep its looks fresh, youthful and very summer with some nautical feel added to the mix!
197212 ChuckIt Slip BX Slip BX Slip/Black, Phaeton Grey, White, Tomato, Black, Athletic Navy/Size 7 − 11 Mens/Php2,950
Loved them in 2012, craved them in 2011, time to get crazy over them this 2012!
191212 ChuckIt CVO BX Slip/Varsity Red, Athletic Navy, White, Black w/White (Unisex 3 − 6, 7 − 11), Charcoal, White Red w/Varsity Red/Size 7 − 11 Mens/Php2,950
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