Monday, April 9, 2012


I've been meaning to post this since last night and now I'm regretting the fact that I did not do so. The intense heat is hindering me to think well! I'm currently at the rental office of Forest View taking advantage of the free wifi (connection is better here) and yes, we are still in Subic. We will be going back home (Manila) anytime today (I miss my dogs!!!) and we are just waiting for the sun to get tired of being so damn hot. I've heard that 24 vehicles were stuck at the expressway for overheating and I don't want mine to be the 25th. For the meantime, we are just waiting… and thank God for blogging!

Anyway, I'm concluding my Cebu post today. This is basically stills from my plane ride to my last stop (as a tourist, hehe) and that's about it. I'll let the photos do the talking…
Re-reading Hunger Games while hungry and this is what they gave me and the rest of the passengers. Not much no? Well it's just an hour worth of plane ride so understandable.
Checked in at Montebello Villa Hotel (read my review HERE).
University of Cebu! No relevance at all sa trip but near where we stayed in.
My first dinner at Goombah.
the day after my shoes got mud splattered the rainy night before
Lunch the next day at AA's.
Went to Ayala Center to do an ocular for a brand and tried my luck to see if Kryz Uy was at her shop.

Unfortunately she was not.
ended up buying a pair of board shorts as seen HERE

Actually I saw Kryz Uy… not! But still...

Went to Tabuan to buy some pasalubong...
something smells fishy...

dried mangoes and otap! so typical...
…then to Island Souvenirs to buy more pasalubong!

And then I saw Raleene Cabrera!

And finally, the historical Magellan's Cross...

…and the old Basilica del Santo Nino.

This is the third time I went to Cebu and all of it were business trips but for this one, I was able to roam around given the little time that I had. I promise that I'll be posting more photos with "real" tourist spots on my next visit.

PS: Battle of the Covers Contest is still ongoing...

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