Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hey guys! Finally, I was able to draw (via of course) the winner for my March 2012 Battle of the Covers! But before I reveal who won, here's the list of the valid entries from the winning cover! It was Anne Curtis' for Metro by the way…
1. Carol Ong
2. Margaret Chan
3. Vida Antoniette Cuaresma
4. Vida Antoniette Cuaresma via blog
5. Crystal Marie Canete
6. Arra Morta
7. Yani Metrado
8. Rhea Suzette Mocorro
9. Eloesita Valderama
10. Cristy Ybalig Canete
11. Priscilla Canete - Tugbong
12. Agnes Ducs
13. Jennifer Gangan

And the winner is...

CAROL ONG! Congratulations! You won a 6 months magazine subscription of Metro and an accessory set (as pictured HERE) from SM Accessories! Please expect my email today.

PS: I would like to take this chance to apologize for the delays in my shipment of the prizes of the winners of my previous contests. I haven't forgotten about it but due to some "issues" I need to put the shipments on hold first. But don't worry, it has been resolved and please expect your prizes before the month of April ends.

Another thing, I hope you would appreciate the fact that my prizes particularly that of the magazine subscriptions are NOT sponsored. To reiterate, the money comes from my own pocket. And oh, did you know that I'll also be taking care of the shipping? So there.

I hope you understand the delay guys and thank you very much for supporting my blog.

Question: Would you appreciate to do meet-ups or pick-up the prize/s at my office instead? I'm referring to future contests here on my blog.


  1. Congrats to the winner! :)

    Too bad, I wasn't able to join. Anyway, I'll join The Battle of the Covers - April 2012

    The PR Guy: I think you can ask the winners to shoulder the shipping fees :) Kasi it's really convenient if prizes are delivered to the winners' homes. That's my personal opinion, by the way.

  2. congrats to the winner! and two thumbs up for MR. PR GUY for giving such a wonderful contests :) thanx a lot! hope to be one of the winners soon! (",)