Thursday, May 31, 2012


Gone are the days when timepieces were just a necessity. Today, it's a necessity AND an accessory! If you're the  Imelda of watches, I'm sure collecting won't be an issue but how about those who can't afford to buy more than one but still wants to wear something different every now and then? Finding that good ol' reliable watch is not a cheap process either (if you know what I mean) but what if you have that perfect watch already? Aren't you worried of the thought that you might get bored with it sooner than you think? Well worry no more because I have exciting news to those who wants to have a watch that is fit for all occasions! Oh well, I'm sure most of you knows what I'm talking about… It's all about the straps!

Asprey, the biggest and the most established watch strap distributor and retailer in the country gives you a lot of options to choose from for your watch! Whether you're looking for a funky watch strap for casual days or an elegant timepiece strap to pair your lovely dress during formal gatherings, Asprey offers a wide variety of straps that fits any kind and size of watch

Asprey offers different choices for its clients. Each watch strap defines a certain personality and apart from that, Asprey straps lets you feel good about yourself, all while complementing your style or fashion statement.

Asprey, which is now on its third year of satisfying clients with its array of watch strap choices, boasts of its qualified technicians who can replace worn out straps and batteries in no time. Most of Asprey's leather straps are made from genuine Italian calf leather so customers are assured of its high quality and durability without hurting your pocket. Aside from its leather straps, Asprey also features silicon straps as well as Nato or nylon-made straps so whatever your needs are,  Asprey has it.

Asprey, aside from its straps, also boasts of their roster of brand ambassadors. Here they are...
David Guison
Lissa Kahayon
Kato Chua
MYX VJ Joyce Pring
Victor Pring
Which one are you?

Asprey has 40 branches located in most major malls nationwide. Asprey straps are also available at LTimestudio shops. For exciting news and updates, like Asprey "World of Straps" on Facebook.

PS: Watch out for the Asprey Bloggers Night event that I went to where all the brand ambassadors of the brand was formally launched!

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