Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Got your attention with the conscience eh? Now how many shoe brands has a cool name like Civic Duty? And how many shoe brands has a conscience? I only know of one and they recently launched at  KYSS (Makati). Prepare to be me awestricken...

Civic Duty is a new line of futuristic sneakers made from Tyvek® Paper, the same material used in those indestructible airmail envelopes. Each pair goes through a special wrinkling process that results to something that resembles crumpled paper, a texture never before seen on sneakers. (source)

Check out the rest of the Civic Duty Shoe Art exhibit...

I really like the first one from RedSlim08 and this one from Jerome Lorico...

So what's up with the "conscience" thing? Well Civic Duty is a socially minded footwear company founded upon the simple premise that a leisure shoe can be attractive, fun, and comfortable while causing minimal impact to the environment in its production. And aside from the fact that the brand was  born out of the recession, they will also support a charity (as chosen by the brand's consumers) through the profits of one particular style and for this year, it's the Common Ground Relief - an organization based in New Orlean's Ninth Ward.

A lot of Manila's hip and fashionable ones went to the launch but unfortunately, I was only able to capture the shots of a handful...
Crissey and Valerie
Angel and Kelly
Burrard Collective Inc.'s CEO Aren Pe and his muse Eleanor Ong
And of course, the obligatory 3 pose from the photo booth!
taken from HERE
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or you can check them out here:

Itching to get your hands on these awesome shoes? I was THIS close in getting my first ever pair that night because guess what? I was the first guy that they called during the raffle! I just stepped out for a minute and then boom! they gave it to another person because I wasn't there! Sayang! Haha.


  1. I love the Jerome Lorico shoes! Very cool!


  2. Ikaw na ang forever winner! Sayang naman dapat pwede parin iclaim within the day like your watch :p