Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Who wants to win a 50ml bottle Guess Seductive Homme?

Finally I get to hold a contest on my blog for guys! Here's your chance to win a 50ml bottle of Guess Seductive Homme (valued at Php2,400)!

All you have to do is answer this question:



Tell me why and you might just win your very own Guess Seductive Homme perfume!

Here's how to join:
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3. Follow @PaulThePRGuy on Twitter
4. Comment on this post your answer and don't forget to include your email address like this:
"A. Neck - so that my girl will be able to smell how sexy I am when I embrace her. paultheprguy@gmail.com" or as simple as this,
"A. Neck - because that's where I usually spray my perfume on. paultheprguy@gmail.com"
5. For more chances of winning, you can also comment on The PR Guy's Facebook page HERE. That's 2 entries!
6. Or you can tweet the link of this post like this:
"@PaulThePRGuy is giving away a bottle of GUESS SEDUCTIVE HOMME! (link)." Now, that's 3 entries!

1. This contest is open to Male Philippine residents only
2. This contest will run until May 10, 2012 at 11:59pm
3. Announcement of the winner will be on May 11, 2012

Good luck guys!

See my review of the Guess Seductive Homme perfume HERE.


  1. A. Neck - Not only a pulse point that makes the perfume stays longer, the neck is a strategic place to spray on because she'll be able to smell me when she leans or embraces me back. boncedrick@gmail.com

  2. A. Neck - My wife loves kissing me on my neck and when she smells Guess Seductive Homme on me, she won't be able to resist the temptation! JerryMerced@rocketmail.com

  3. I would say in the chest!! Because my wife loves my chest( humble lang po). It is her comfort zone.. confucious_27@yahoo.com

  4. B. Chest - I have tried applying perfume to different parts of my body, and I always get the best results when I spray the perfume on my chest.When I spray there, I can feel the perfume better and longer. "michaelmacalos@gmail.com"

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  6. Chest - my gf loves resting her face on my chest (like pillow) at night. Always the highlight (and exciting part) of our day. lito.espina@yahoo.com :)

  7. Wrist - since it is a pulse point, it makes the scent last longer. When you have the last drop of Guess Seductive Homme, I'm sure you would definitely want it to be on your body longer. And when it is on that spot, just when I want it, I can easily smell and feel good that I have it sprayed on. :) hezronperalta@yahoo.com

  8. B. Chest - becuase it is proven that putting perfume near this area makes the scent of the perfume last longer and stronger. and with Guess Seductive Homme, ladies would be curious whats under my shirt thats making me smell so good.. to the last drop. ;)


    Also tweeted this contest, link below:

  9. B. chest - because i want to smell also the perfume and usually if i sweat in this area the perfume smells longer. :))) jemanongsong@yahoo.com

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  10. Neck.Because I love necking? nyahaha.---anton-- pakaleklalawak@yahoo.com

  11. NECK,because my lovely wife Arra love to sniff my neck before heading to the dreamland:)

  12. If I only have one last drop of Guess Seductive Homme, I will spray it on my chest. I am always half naked because of the scorching heat and I still want to smell good even if I'm sweating. And spraying it on my chest which is literally close to my heart makes it sweeter and makes me feel happier because my wife loves to hug me and she'll surely won't take her hands off me once she knew that I'm wearing Guess Seductive Homme.

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  13. C. Wrist - Because that certain special someone would be able to smell it once you reach for her neck. This will happen via the wind whiffing on her during the action. Then that will trigger her to be a little wilder, which in my case would be better. She'll love this scent I'm quite sure of it! johnmichael.bueno@gmail.com


  14. B. Chest -- I always get the best results when applying my perfume on the chest because I can feel the perfume better and much longer. The chest has the right amount of warmth and is located at the right distance from the nose. In addition, I get the great essence of the perfume and the overall experience is much more pleasurable when sprayed on chest.



  15. A. Neck - Because this is the Pulse points area where blood vessels are closest to the skin; giving off more heat and acting like mini fragrance pumps. Applying perfumes to pulse points, such as the wrist or neck, tend to make the scent last longer. senomarj@gmail.com

  16. B. Chest - bec that is the part of my body where the scent stays long. that's proven. And every time my girlfriend hugs me, she loves the fact that she smells the perfume I used and she feels more warmth and affection. For me, It also symbolizes that I have a good heart. I spray my perfume on the chest where the heart is located, it symbolizes my clean, pure and fragrant heart which captivated my girlfriend, that's why she loves placing here ear on my chest. orillav17@gmail.com

  17. A. Neck, because its the closest to the face and can be easily be smelled by everyone you meet. Great reason for a girl to get closer to us guys.


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  19. A. Chest - cause body heat can intensify a perfume's scent, especially when men sweat. And it'll be a good thing cause when your girlfriend hugs you, the first they'll notice is how good you smell. Plus, the perfume stays longer in your chest cause its always covered, and the scent lasts longer there cause the perfume clings on what shirt your wearing. louborja@yahoo.com