Thursday, May 10, 2012


Inspired by the colorful houses of Buenos Aires' most colorful and artistic neighborhoods, Ray-Ban introduces a range of sunglasses that are not only fun to wear but also artworks in themselves. Presenting, the La Boca Collection. Intrigued? Read on...

Bright, artistic, fun and bold. This is Ray-Ban's Rare Prints latest collection and as the iconic brand turns 75 this year, things have been switched up for the eternally classic and undeniably cool Wayfarer as it gets an extra boost of attitude.

Definitely not for the shy type, the La Boca vibe is all about "look at me" style!

Unique and limited edition, such attributes cement why these Wayfarer Rare Prints are most certainly, well, rare.

It's about individualistic self-expression so try a sizzling hot frame on for size and own it!

Here are more reasons why you should own a pair of these La Boca Rare Prints:
1. Wayfarers rock!!!
2. It's rare!
3. And it will make you stand out from the crowd! This new twist on the Wayfarer is totally complementary to your bright, vibrant, color-blocked summer wardrobe! And speaking of color-blocking, stay tuned for an awesome (and color-blocked!) Ray-Ban event I attended a couple of weeks back. And as luck would have it for plus ones, I won something! Find out on my next post.

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