Saturday, May 12, 2012


Ray-Ban, the coolest eyewear brand in the world, recently launched its Rare Prints Series 6 collection. Now what do you get when you put a cool brand and a bunch of cool people together in one of the coolest bar in the metro? You get a spanking cool party! La Boca style...

When: April 26, 2012
Where: Buddha Bar

A fusion of fashion, fun and music. That's what the Ray-Ban La Boca Rare Prints launch is all about! The brand's ambassadors, celebrities and members of the press came in full force keeping up with the event's theme (color blocking!). Now enough talk and more show and tell. Enjoy!

We got the chance to design our own Ray-Bans and guess who's the lucky guy (out of the three) who got to take home a Rare Print Wayfarer?

Me! Haha. Here's my winning design. Very nationalistic...

wasted. but happy.
The launch, I must say, was one for the books! Hands down, the best event that I went to. Very interactive, fun and everything the brand is all about. Congratulations Ray-Ban and kudos to the PR team for doing such an amazing job! I would like to thank Angel (Wonder Woman Rises) for inviting me as her plus 1!

Please take note: There's a plus 1 curse when attending an event. One that will make you win cool stuff! I should know because Ana (The Fashionista Commuter) won a bunch of Bench GC's! She was my plus 1 during the Bench MasterCard Launch. And speaking of cool stuff, here's what I won for my Ray-Ban design...

To see more of the La Boca collection, click HERE.

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