And I'm sure yours is too! All moms are cool. But what made my mom extra cooler (for me that is) is the photo below. Nope, she didn't do the laces. I did. Hehe...

My mom just recently arrived from Saudi Arabia. She works there as a midwife and has been "pulling" babies for more than 30 years already. Now, if that's not one reason for her to be cool then I don't know what else will. By the way, me and my siblings were all born there. That explains me being named Paul Riyadh. I was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My brothers were kinda lucky because they were named "properly." As for me, I guess my mom was still high with meds when she thought of my name and maybe she was so in love with the place she was in during that time that's why she named it after me. So in love that until now she still works there. Riyadh.

Going back on  why mom is cool, she gave me these shoes as pasalubong (despite my age).
Converse AC/DC "Powerage" Chuck Taylors

And another one! My first Double Uppers!
Converse Blue and White Double Uppers

Ever since I asked her to bring me Chuck Taylors (Hi-Tops particularly) every time she comes home, she never fails to always always surprise me. Even though that I have my own company now (plus sponsor), she still buys me a pair or two (redundant lang) kahit di na ako nagpapabili. Good thing Saudi has designs which our country doesn't have. But still, I love my mom for the effort. And the designs? Cool no?

Speaking of cool moms, here's a couple I slightly/personally know who are waaaayyy beyond cool!

JP Singson's mom who was recently featured on!

And Chuvaness / Cecile Van Straten who just had her birthday recently! Here's an entry on her blog which I find very endearing and nostalgic at the same time because I and my brother also did the same thing back when birthday cards and letters on papers were hip. Her kids' letters (and the drawings!) were enough testament that she is really a cool mom! I like her.
This month we are celebrating Mother's Day! It should be Mother's Day Every Day (just like Valentine's and World Peace! lol) But for this year, why don't we make it Mother's Month? The month started with Labor's Day anyway. Moms = Pregnant = Labor. Gets? Haha.

PS: I'm dedicating this post to all blogger moms out there. Juggling motherhood (and a whole lot of other things!) plus blogging is not an easy feat. Thumbs up to you cool moms!


  1. Awww! Bangis the shoeses ha! And yes JP's mom is way beyond cool! So as Cecille.

  2. sweet mommy and super cool chucks!

  3. Your Mom has good taste!! :) Ganda ng laces! Haha TOTALLY love our cool Moms! ♥


  4. hey could u ask her how much the Converse AC/DC "Powerage" Chuck Taylors cost??

  5. your mom is awesome!!! by the way could you ask her how much the Converse AC/DC "Powerage" Chuck Taylors did cost??? because on the web i couldn't find it and also appeared as rare items :S.....


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