Thursday, May 24, 2012


Red! Who doesn't like the color red? I don't know a single soul who doesn't but if you're the type who goes queasy at the sight of blood (or just even the color of it perhaps?), then this post is not for you.

Never mind the title. I just thought that if ever I make a career in the porn industry, I'm gonna name myself Nicholi Red. Catchy eh? But don't worry, no PG stuff here. I'm just passionate with the color red and you know how "passionate" porn stars are with their craft right? I hope I'm making sense hehe...
m&m's red alarm clock and Nescafe's 100 years anniversary mug
I have always been fascinated with the color red and I can't quite figure out why and when this fascination started. The closest theory of mine would be me being nicknamed "apple" when I was just a todd (and *ahem* I was the apple of the eyes of everyone in the family - sorry bro!) and I like apples! Apples were my medicine everytime I get sick back when I was just a kid - fun pr guy fact. I guess that's about it. But oh, even though I like the color red, I prefer it in small "packages" (like what you're about to see in this post) meaning, no (big) bags, jackets, car, etc…
500GB External Hard Drive
iPhone cases and dragon bookmarker
SM Accessories scarves and beanie
SM Accessories belts
Titania (for Men) foot and nail implements (thanks The LiST Group!) - review soon!
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Reform Ox - review soon!
Flying Dutchman "Reel" low-cut shoes - review soon!
Don't forget this lovely redhead...
Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris (Mad Men)
How about you? You also like the color red?


  1. I love red, but I love blue more. haha! Cool items, Paul!

  2. I also looove the color red. Bill Blas' saying actually stays in my mind- "If you don't know what to wear, wear red!" :)

  3. i think you forgot anne curtis' red lips...hahaha