Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yes, I'm turning over a new leaf and I'm changing the name of my blog… not! But seriously, this past week I thought that if ever I get one more shirt (there's 4 in this post!) you might be saying bye-bye to The PR Guy and be welcoming Paul, The T-Shirt Guy! Thank God the Uniqlo team (of the Uniqlo launch last week) ran out of press kits to give away. They gave away shirts you know. So for now, let me delight you with these shirts I acquired (bought, gifted and sponsored!)...
Bought: Zara Superman shirt at Php1,790
Here's another one!
Nick Automatic shirt (gifted)
…and the last 2 shirts from REX Clothing (sponsored). Stay tuned for the looks that I came up with these shirts!

The Breakdown:
Zara Superman shirt Php1,790
Total: Php1,790

*To know more about Nick Automatic, follow them on Twitter HERE
**For a chance to win shirts from summer collection of REX Clothing, click HERE

Have a happy t-shirt day everyone!

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