Thursday, May 3, 2012


There's a lot of things to do this summer and those that I have in mind doesn't involve a pail and a shovel. Summer is not just about the beach you know. After all, everyone else is going so why not do something else less heat-stroke risky?
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Now my idea of a perfect summer is all about discovering new places! I'm gonna explore The Philippines! Our country has so much to offer other than its white sand beaches and It would be a nice break from the usual lounging around the waters while sipping coconut juice (haha) if I do something "productive" like trying out new types of delicacies, learning new words from the local dialects and discovering places tucked away deep in the provinces. Of course, all this will be more enjoyable and fun if done on foot!
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And speaking of a fun and productive summer, you might want to check this out!

Havaianas is celebrating its 50 years of carefree personalized fashion and it's gonna be a 5 days celebration at the Rockwell Tent this May 10 − 14, 2012 at 10am onwards!

And here's your chance to score exclusive invites on the launch night of Make Your Own Havaianas!
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PS: I'm planning to cover a lot of grounds in one day when I start to explore the Philippines and for me to be able do that? I need my trusted Superman flip flops!
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  2. i really like to visit this place.

  3. Nasaktan ako... I went to the beach this summer hahaha! But great vacation to actually go to other places such as where you went.
    P.S. I'll stop with my hate comments na (though there weren't at all) haha!
    Hope to see you soon again!