Friday, May 11, 2012


Hey guys! I have a winner for my Guess Seductive Homme Contest!

There are 43 valid entries from my Blog, Facebook and Twitter that's why I did something different to make the drawing process interesting (and complicated, haha!).

I drew 1 entry each from my Blog, Facebook page and Twitter account and out of those 3 entries, I drew the winner via (Actually all 4 were drawn via

Are you excited to find out who he is? You know what to do. Click, click...

Before I proceed, Let me tell you first how an entry becomes valid. If you followed the rules stated HERE, then you're good to go!

First up, here are the entries from my Facebook page:
1. Bon Cedrick Doroja
2. Jerry Merced
3. Lorenzo Ocampo
4. Michael Macalos
5. Rizaleniophotography Rizalenio
6. Hezron Peralta
7. Kim Bam Heo
8. Janus Paul Dela Cruz
9. Ric Reforma Piloneo
10. Jelo Manongsong
11. Alwin Saculsan
12. Jhay Ramones
13. Ace Mendoza

And the first finalist is...
11. Alwin Saculsan!

Now for my Twitter entries:
1. Seven12Seven7
2. renocampo
3. HezronPeralta
4. kimbamheo
5. soul0019
6. jayramones
7. patrickstar88
8. pusangkalye22
10. markevanlim
11. kumagcow
12. tsiremo
13. orillav17
14. iamace2006

And the second finalist is...
 5. soul0019!

And finally, for my Blog entries:
1. bon cedrick doroja
2. Jerry Merced
3. enzo
4. Michael Macalos
5. Rizalenio
6. Hezron Peralta
7. Alexis Mendoza
8. jl
9. pusang kalye
10. Mark Evan Lim
12. tsiremo
13. rhozalino
14. Vince
15. Ace Mendoza
16. louborja

And the last finalist is...
 6. Hezron Peralta!

If you'll notice, the chronological order of my drawing process is based on the valid entries there is per category and it is as follows:
Facebook = 13 entries
Twitter = 14 entries
Blog = 16 entries

And the final entries are:
1. Alwin Saculsan (via Facebook)
2. soul0019 (via Twitter)
3. Hezron Peralta (via Blog)

And the winner of a 50ml bottle of GUESS SEDUCTIVE HOMME is...
Congratulations Hezron Peralta! Please wait for my email on how to claim your prize!

To those who didn't win, ayos lang yan. I have a new contest up tomorrow so stay tuned.


  1. OMG!!! Ikaw na talaga Hezron Peralta! Wala ng iba! LOL!

  2. Thank you Catch! And more importantly, thank you Paul! :)