Monday, June 18, 2012


I seldom say no to women-centered events that I get invited to because:
a. If you're a guy, there's a big chance (obviously) that you'll be surrounded by a lot of women!
b. You're special (lol). I mean how many guys are invited to beauty events anyway?

The Body Shop's "Beauty with Heart' event is something that I can't let pass because:
a. It's Body Shop! I like the brand.
b. I'll be seeing my favorite female blogger friends.
c. I know that i'll be treated "differently" or special! Either.
Tried this. I think this is the only guy-friendly activity at the event. Not that I'm complaining though...
What: Beauty with Heart Bloggers Event
When: June 5, 2012
Where: The Body Shop, Glorietta 3

Here's what happened...

Where there are bloggers, there's gonna be a whole lot of photographing involved...

…photogenic food like these cupcakes...

…and sweet smiles from these lovely ladies!

Did I mention that there's a free make-over for the ladies?

As with Shen's case, she did her own "make-over."

And the serious but "not-so-serious" part of the event, a short talk and presentation from the Body Shop team.

The Beauty with Heart campaign, explained. More about that on my next post!

The Body Shop Body Mists were among the products that were presented along with the newly repackaged Body Butter and Body Shop's latest beauty sensation, the Beautifying Oils (not pictured)!

And there's more! But let's save that for another post (once the products come out).

Stay tuned to know more about The Body Shop's Beauty with Heart campaign and get to know Lily Cole, The Body Shop's new brand advocate.

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