Saturday, June 9, 2012


Is there no stopping Bench? Just when you thought that they reached the highlight of their 25th year by bringing in the ANTM models and a back-to-back collaboration with world renowned fashion designers (in the recent Fashion Week), here they are again with another offering that I must say was surprising in the sense that it was at the least of my expectations. Who would have thought that Bench is now targeting our homes for their continuous domination of the Filipino lifestyle market? And this time, they've partnered with none other than the Philippines' Home and Lifestyle Icon - Daphne Osena-Paez, for the latter's furniture line 'Daphne' which is now available in Dimensione (Bench's sister brand) and a line of home fragrances which is available in Bench.

What: Daphne Osena for Bench/Dimensione launch
When: June 8, 2012
Where: Dimensione, Bonifacio High Street

It was made known to the public last June 8 of this year the launch of Daphne Osena's partnership with Bench and Dimensione and as expected, bloggers and media personalities (even those of Daphne's childhood friends!) went to witness what the No.1 fashion/clothing brand in the country and the "Martha Stewart of the Philippines" (as Raymond Gutierrez introduced her, we can only agree) has up their sleeves. Here's Daphne in all her classy yet approachable demeanor...

…and the Daphne Home Scents for Bench! More about the scents (and the chairs!) on my next post.
Homemade Lemon Tart, my personal favorite
Acres of Lavender
Mint Jasmine Infusion
Of course it wouldn't be a Bench event without a good host...
Raymond Gutierrez
good food...

and good company to celebrate the event with!
Sarah, Arnie, Kelly, Vanessa and Ana
Liz and Verniece
Miko, Jonver, Angel and Jacob
this time with me!
closeup: Miko and Jonver
Kelly Misa

Mike Carandang, I feel honored to be standing beside you in this photo sir!
Of course, I'm saving the last photo (with humans in it) with the afternoon's lucky guest! Not me of course! I don't want the next day's news headline read "Lucky blogger killed during launch Bench launch" (I always win stuff at events you know). Alright, enough chitchat! Angel won!!! Her prize?

This 'Daphne' chair! Glad she took the red one home. Not that I'm bias to the color but this will break the monotony of her black and white condo! Perfect choice Wonder Woman!

I always knew that whatever Daphne touches will turn in to gold. I love her work both online and on TV and with Bench, I'm sure that this partnership will spring forth many golden things to come! More reasons for us to be excited this year! And to think Bench is just halfway done with 2012…

Stay tuned for more information about Daphne Osena's collaboration with Bench and Dimensione!


  1. Wow!!! Bilis mag-blog! :) Very very good! Great to see you there, Paul! Maraming salamat po ulit sa litrato!


  2. this is interesting :) will check it out :)

  3. ugh, sucks that i had to go back to Cebu right away because I wouldve wanted to be in this event! my gal vanessa, enjoy na enjoy lang. jelly!

    just followed you on GFC btw :)