Monday, June 11, 2012


Here are the winners of my "I'm Smiling 'Coz Of OraCare's No Sting Formula" contest. Click click to find out if you're one of them!

Here are the final votes which our finalists gathered:
1. Alwin Saculsan - 8 votes
2. Alylie Saberon - 16 votes
3. Jackie Yunun - 16 votes
4. Janus Paul dela Cruz - 28 votes
5. Joy Merced - 21 votes
6. Mayla Lagrimas - 35 votes
7. Sammy Samson - 13 votes
8. Tsi Remo - 84 votes

Obviously Mayla Lagrimas and Tsi Remo are the winners and if you were able to check THIS post, I decided to give the 3rd OraCare giftpack to a lucky voter to reward him or her for the effort in voting for his/her favorite OraCare smile! And out of the 221 entries, the lucky voter is...
76. Francis Romero! Congratulations!

To all the winners, please expect my email for the details on how to claim your prizes!

To everyone who supported and joined this contest, thank you! Special thanks to OraCare for making this possible.

PS: I'll be launching 3 giveaways this month, so stay tuned for those!