No rest for the weary!

Well this is more of like "No rest for me" 'coz I 'm too excited to post my conclusion of my John Varvatos Fragrance Collection feature. Tomorrow is Father's Day after all. I figured you just might need some help in figuring out what to give your dad by then. There's still time you know…

Warning: I-must-buy-these-awesome-looking-perfume-bottles-pronto! inducing photos ahead. Do not resist temptation.
For my John Varvatos conclusion, I'm giving you the Artisan and Artisan Black Collection!

But before we proceed, what is an Artisan?

According to my friend, Mr.Google, an Artisan is a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

The new John Varvatos Artisan fragrance embodies the lost art of craftsmanship of years gone by, and at the same time exudes a modern edge. From the hand woven flask shaped bottle, to the carefully selected elements that make up this unique scent, every consideration has gone into creating a new fragrance that will last the test of time. As the Artisans of the past used their fine skills to create items that exuded quality, uniqueness, and hand workmanship, every bottle of John Varvatos Artisan reflects the same passion.
Introduction: Electrifying citrus explosion with drenced Sicilian clementines mixed with juicy tangelo fruit
Heart Notes: Innovative and Inviting with solar floral notes of North African orange tree blossoms and Indian murraya
Background: Modern, Smooth and Powerful, Woody and Musky
And finally, the Artisan Black. A dark, woodsy interpretation of Artisan, Artisan Black showcases the Varvatos brand signature mix of old world craftsmanship with a modern edge.

Artisan Black is a surprising symphony of contrasts - deep and textured as it is refreshing and invigorating. A refreshing cologne evolves into a deep masculine structure, revealing a chypre backbone of sensual woody and leathery accents.
Introduction: Juicy Citrus Trio with Bracing Aromatic Accords
Heart Notes: Contrasting Warm/Fresh Spiciness
Background: Abstract Woody and Musky Notes
My thoughts:
Fresh. That's the John Varvatos Artisan. Mysterious. This is the Artisan Black. Will I get both? Definitely! The first one for the day and the latter for night engagements. PLUS! They will make awesome additions to my perfume collection!

The John Varvatos Artisan and Artisan Black fragrances retails at Php4,650 in 4.2 fl. oz. and Php3,450 in 2.5 fl. oz.

The John Varvatos Fragrance Collection is exclusively distributed by Prestige Brands Philippines Inc. and is available at all leading department and fragrance stores nationwide.

So you decided which one to buy for your dad?


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