Education first.

Ahem, I'm not the poster child for this statement because I myself never got the chance to finish school! I bet you didn't know that about me… eh?

If you want to get to know more of me or at least that of my educational attainment, read on!

What I said about me being not able to finish school was true! I only made it to my second year in college as a mass communications undergrad. Yes, you may say that I'm blessed (I know I am) because I have a company and that I have people working for me, blah-blah, yada-yada… but the fact still remains, I'm not a college graduate. And it's something that I'm not proud of. Sorry mom.:(

Here's what I've accomplished so far...
Kinder to Grade 4 - Notre Dame, Jolo Sulu
Grade 5 to 6 - Claret High School, Zamboanga City
1st to 2nd Year, High School - Roosevelt College, Marikina
3rd to 4th, Year, High School - Philippine Statesman College, Cabanatuan City
1st to 2nd Year, College - Wesleyan University College, Cabanatuan City

Nick Automatic hoodie
The Off Price button down shirt
Gap shirt
Uniqlo cargo pants
Converse Chuck Taylors
Now the question is, will I still finish college? Yes and no.

Yes, because it's the "right" thing to do. It's every person's right to go to school and finish it, you know.

No, because I don't want my grandmother to die on me yet. We have this inside joke in the family (actually, this came from my mamang) that she, my grandma, is ready to die once I and my kuya finishes college. My older brother is done with school and that leaves me with no choice but not to finish my studies because I don't want my mamang to die anytime soon you know. That's how much I love her.

On a happier note, don't you just love this hoodie that I got from Nick Automatic? It's awesome no? Wore this at Yabu's "Katsu for 25" dinner (more about that soon) last Independence Day along with the country's most influential online personalities.

As my blogger gal pal Keigh said, this look is not my "usual" fare when it comes to style but somehow... I managed to pull off everything. Looking like a student I guess? And oh, this would've been my look if I was still studying. I love a layered, preppy look as a student. It never fails to give a student that smart, clean, and straight A appeal in school. You agree with me?
Photos by Bestie
The hoodie? Not my usual. But sometimes, trying something "unusual" per se, can have surprisingly pleasant results. And just like my education, If I just tried to finish it, the road to this so-called success would have been easier… full of pleasant surprises. Never mind what my grandma said. The least I can do before she leaves this world is to at least, make her happy.

School started already. My advice to you little boys and little girls who wants to make a difference in this world? Education first.


  1. Well, at least you have a company Paul! But you really should finish your studies! :-) Cool hoodie!


  2. That's impressive! :D
    Minsan,wla nman tlga sa ntpos yan e, ang mhalaga e kung ano ang kaya mong gwin.. :)))

  3. You are an inspiration, Paul!


  4. I love your hoodie coz it has my birth year on it!!! :) And I love this post! Like you, I didn't finish college. ...except, I don't even have a company to show for it. :p But I agree with Jen. I believe it doesn't have anything to do with whether you graduated or not. As long as you followed your dreams and have something to show for it, that's enough. :) And I'm sure your grandma is very, very proud of what you've accomplished so far.

    ...Sorry for the novel-like comment.


  5. It's not too late to finish yet :D

    wow RCM.. i came from that school too :)


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