Monday, June 18, 2012


Growing up, I wanted to become a doctor.

And then I discovered I'm scared of blood. So much for my ambition in becoming one.

I have relatives who are actual doctors and they are all based abroad. If I went the same route (minus the Hemophobia), this is how Dr. Chuapoco will look like...

This shoot is one of those "serious" that I had with Bestie and contrary to popular belief, I'm not a slave driver! I only had more or less 30 clicks for this set. Swear!

Excuse the Superman quaff. A sudden gust of wind blew my way during the shoot, hence the hair and the awkward smile.

Hang Ten shirt
SM Accessories tie
Lee jeans
Jump by J75 shoes
Leather bag (gifted)
One thing I've noticed from doctors is that aside from the stethoscope, they always have black and shiny pieces of accessories to complete their looks with. May it be a (pre-requisite) bag or a watch, meron at meron yan. Well that was then, I don't know about now. I wouldn't know the doctor wardrobe "trends" (if there's any) because newsflash! I'm not a fan of hospitals! So there.

Speaking of black and shiny things, here's what I overloaded my doctor look with...
SM Accessories neck tie
Bench digital watch
Leather bag (gifted) and J75 by Jump shoes
Here's Dr. Chuapoco making a call and ooooohhhh.... What's that shiny piece of contraption attached at the back of his phone?
It's a Third Rail System iPhone case and charger! More about that on my next post!
That's it for now. The doctor is signing, er... going out. Bye!


  1. This post made me laugh! :)) I'm a new follower! :) I'm friends with the BU girls (Ana, Pax, Melai, etc) and I've seen photos of you on their Ig (that's how I "discovered" you LOL). Wish I had the opportunity to meet you in person when I was still in Manila.

    My boyfriend is a Doctor and he's into cool neckties and really nice watches.. :)

  2. haha funny post Paul and looks like the backdrop is familiar:)