Friday, June 29, 2012


Now where should I start? There's so much in this post that I'm having a hard time what to talk about first. There's the look, my being an O.C. person, and then there are these awesome gadgets (2nd photo)… Blah, blah, blah.

Interested? Keep on reading… Please? (Insert Puss In Boots' pleading eyes here)

1st topic: Let's start with the look! I call this Crumpled Paper. Why? It's white (common color of paper) plus the crumpled quality of denim! Bow.

Muji collared shirt, Zara denim jacket, Tomato jeans, Zipz shoes

SGP Neo Hybrid iPhone Case, Swatch watch
2nd topic: The PR Guy is Obsessive Compulsive. I love shoes. Especially white ones. And what I really love are clean white shoes. I don't really agree with dirty shoes equating cool. I'm not that person. Sorry. Haha.
Zipz Shoes (same soles, different tops from THIS look also)
I'm also O.C. when it comes to taking care of my gadgets. For my iPhone, I protect its screens (front and back) with these extra thick screen protectors that comes with my SGP Neo Hybrid Case. I got a white silicon on a white frame! It makes my iPhone looks new and at the same time, clean. And one more thing, I don't like dirt and tiny bumps on my screen that's why I made it a point to place them myself. Linis no? Hehe.
SGP Neo Hybrid Case at Php1,750 available at Beyond the Box, Digital, Digital Walker, Power Mac Center, Technoholics and The Inbox Store (Also available: SGP Kuel Battery Pack)
I also hate finger paintings on my touch screen gadgets! My Solution? This Adonit Jot Pen!

The Adonit Jot Classic is made of durable aluminum and steel giving the pen a sleek look and with its weight, a firm grip. It also has a cap to protect the...

… Precision Disc. The thin and clear disc gives you the accuracy of an ideal digital pen! You can write with your stylus at any angle you're comfortable with, with the guidance of the ball point tip. This is also covered with the 'Precision Disc' to protect your touch-screens from scratches and what-nots.
I know this may sound weird but the best part for me about this pen is the sound it makes when I use it to tap my screens (lol). Another best thing? It's affordable at Php950 only!
Adonit Jot Classic at Php950 available at Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, E-Central, iBook, iCenter, Podworx, Power Mac Center, Technoholics, The Inbox Store (Also available: Adonit Jot Pro at Php1,350, Adonit Jot Mini Php1,050)
I'm done. Are you also an O.C. person like me? In what ways? Mind sharing it to us?

For more info about the SGP Neo Hybrid Case and the Adonit Jot Pen, visit Digits Trading Corporation on Facebook HERE.

If you're interested to get your own pair of Zipz Shoes, order on Multiply HERE.

Photos by Bestie


  1. grabe, I'm keeping track of your gadgets na! You got very nice things. great look by the way, simple lang :)


  2. My first time to see that digital pen - galeng. :)

  3. I'm OC as well when it comes to my shoes. Haha! Like I have to brush them everyday and clean the sole.
    Cool denim jacket, Paul!!